Before Your Spray Tan

Day 1 and Day 2

exfoliate using a scrub such as our Weekly Grind
coffee scrub paired with exfoliating mitt 

shave 24+ hours before spray tan only

avoid body oils and high-grade retinal 

Day 3 (Day Of)

We recommend not showering before but if necessary,
do so 2 hours before appointment

Apply moisturizer such as our Body Better cream to dry areas
such as wrists, elbow, knees and ankles only

Wear or bring LONG, dark, loose clothing

After Your Spray Tan

For Supreme

First 24 Hours:

Stay Dry

Avoid Working Out or Sweating

Remain in loose, breathable clothing

For Supreme Plus

Take quick, lukewarm water-only
shower rinse after 2-6 hours

Pat Dry

Wait 24 hours to take a 'real' shower

Allow 24 hours for final color result

Lasting Results

Complete all waxing, nail/pedi & lash extension
appointments 1-2 days before spray tanning

Use minimal soap

Avoid high-grade retinol day before, day of and for
1 day post spray tan

Take short, efficient showers

Wait 48 hours to get in chlorinated pools or ocean

Avoid hot tubs & saunas

Avoid sweating the first 48 hours

Drink plenty of water

Apply moisturizer daily using our Body Better cream